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A Hot Cup of Love

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


This is completely accurate.  However, did you know that like 90% of women love a man who can cook?  Okay, so I may have made up that statistic, but seriously, chicks dig men who know their way around the kitchen.  Take it from me, I was a chef in a previous life. If you can throw together a quick meal that doesn’t consist of boxed mac and cheese or ramen noodles, the ladies will be throwing themselves at you.  It’s okay, you’ll get used to it.

Here’s the situation:  you’ve been out on a few dates with your special lady friend, and things are going well but you’re eager to take it to the next level.  What do you do? Take her out to a romantic dinner overlooking the city, or clean your apartment for a change and have her…

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Acosta’s ‘Crayons’ mural recalls Sandy Hook


Gamma Acosta's mural 'Crayons' recalls the Sandy Hook school shooting (Photo: Gamma Gallery)
Photo: Gamma Gallery

This 6′ × 24′ graffiti mural is the work of Gamma Acosta, Longmont, Colo. “Crayons” is his statement about the Sandy Hook school massacre, done a day later. It’s gone now, boards and all, to an anonymous art collector who wanted it preserved. Normally Acosta, who paints on his uncle’s vacant building, would have painted over it to make way for his next mural. This is the first time in five years that one of his murals has been preserved. The collector will replace the planks.

Gamma Acosta and his mural "Crayons" (Photo: Greg Lindstrom/Times-Call)
Gamma Acosta and his mural “Crayons” (Photo: Greg Lindstrom/Times-Call)

When I first saw “Crayons” during a local TV interview with Acosta, I thought it was powerful, a kick in the gut, heart-wrenching. The horror of that day summed up in a single image. An unforgettable statement about something we must never forget.

Then I found a very long discussion about it on…

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Imagine (John Lennon)

ImageWith all this war, violence, and fighting, It makes me wonder, “What happened to society?” Since when was it alright, to solve unresolved issues with violence and hatred? I think if we all realized the importance of forgiveness, acceptance, and love, the world would be a much better place, maybe even a utopia in a way. When I was listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine”, I listened closely to the lyrics and realized how true and melancholy they were. The world really is so caught up in individual norms, cultural values, and tradition, societies are breaking apart. Just to name a few things that cause huge increases in violence statistics: GLBT rights and crimes against them, constant political debates, debates for or against excessively violent video games, religions fighting amongst each other.

In case you might be interested here’s the song:


Butterflies in oblivion

I guess if you think about it, butterflies can’t see they’re own wings and don’t know how beautiful they are. Unfortunately, I think people are a lot like that too. Unless someone tells them, how are they going to know?